‘BMF’: Here’s All The Music You Heard In Season 2, Episode 3

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(SPOILERS for this week’s BMF episode will be found below.)

BMF, or Black Mafia Family, is a gritty crime drama that has captured the attention of audiences everywhere. The show, which follows the lives of the Flenory brothers, Meech and Terry, as they navigate the dangerous world of drug trafficking, has been praised for its authentic portrayal of the criminal underworld.

In the latest episode of BMF season two, titled “Devil’s Night,” we see Meech and Terry dealing with some big troubles in their respective worlds. A cocaine drought is in full effect and Meech is desperate to get his hands on a new supply to sell to the streets. He reaches out to K-9 for a re-up, but his request is initially denied. However, K-9 says he’ll fulfill Meech’s needs if he can accomplish a task for him. Unfortunately, Meech fails to get it done in the manner that K-9 requested.

As for Terry, there’s competition in the car-ride service world, and a move from Terry earlier this season led to them tampering with the Flenory vehicles, which sets back his and Charles’ hard-earned progress. In both cases, Meech and Terry are left to figure out their next move, and while Terry does, Meech suffers a second, more-crushing blow.

The episode is soundtracked by some powerful and emotional songs that help to accentuate the scenes. The music adds to the already intense atmosphere of the show, making for an even more immersive viewing experience. Whether it’s the suspenseful beats that accompany Meech’s struggles, or the soulful tracks that underscore Terry’s setbacks, the music in BMF perfectly complements the action on screen.

Overall, the third episode of BMF season two, “Devil’s Night”, is a must-watch for fans of the show. The intense plot, the realistic portrayal of the criminal underworld, and the emotional soundtrack all come together to make for an unforgettable episode. With the cliffhanger ending, fans are anxiously waiting for the next episode.

The following records were provided thanks to the Starz Public Relations team.

Keith Sweat — “Make It Last Forever”

This song can be heard at the 04:02 mark during a sex scene between Meech and Monique, a woman he’s been seeing who is played Kash Doll. Monique has always had relations with Lamar, who is a sworn enemy to Meech.

50 Cent — “Wish Me Luck” Feat. Charlie Wilson

This is the theme song of BMF. It plays at the 06:15 mark in “Devil’s Night.” While 50 Cent and Charlie Wilson’s voices are only heard on it, the song also features Snoop Dogg and Moneybagg Yo.

Mando — “War Time”

This plays at the 07:46 mark as Meech returns to K-9’s spot for another meeting. It’s here that Meech requests more product from K-9, an ask that’s initially denied, but accepted under the condition that Meech kidnaps a man named Travis to bring back to K-9.

Osinachi — “As The Story Goes”

We hear this record at the 9:51 mark as K-9 asks Meech if he remembers the loud individual from their last meeting. This leads to a quick flashback to episode two.

Don City — “Block Is Fed”

This record checks in at the 10:24 mark as Charles and Lucille arrive at the accident scene to see what happened with Terry and Nicole. Charles confronts Terry about who would intentionally mess with the car’s tires to cause the accident. Terry blames it on Devil’s Night, but Charles isn’t so convinced.

Dough Boy — “I See Yours”

At the 12:51 mark, Meech walks into BMF’s record store home base to talk to B-Mickie and inform him that K-9 has tasked him with finding the individual named Travis. B-Micke agrees to help Meech kidnap Travis in order to bring him to K-9 so that they can get more product.

Extreme — “Sloe Gin”

This slow piano tune plays around the 16:00 mark as Terry and Markeisha enjoy dinner together. Their meeting occurs after Terry learns that the men from the competing car-ride service were the ones who messed up his tires and caused the accident that he and Nicole were involved in together.

Flower — “BF Bang”

We hear this record at the 18:51 mark as Detective Bryant surprises B-Mickie and tells him to join him for a ride through his continued effort to trap Meech and finally arrest him.

Crystal — “Down At The Cross (Glory to His Name)”

This gospel record is played at the 23:23 mark during a church scene that features Snoop Dogg as Pastor Swift, Charles as the choir bassist, and a woman beside that sparks a bit of jealousy from Lucille in the crowd.

RJ’s Latest Arrival — “Shackles”

This song plays at the 31:45 mark when Charles visits Mable, a fellow church member, to fix the fan at her house. It’s clear that Mable is attracted to Charles, and she makes it quite clear as they dance together to this song.

Cicero — “All Musle 80s Flow”

We hear this song at the 36:01 mark as Meech and B-Mickie walk up to Travis’ house to hopefully kidnap him and bring him to K-9. Unfortunately, after they successfully lure him out, the trio engage in a shootout and accidentally kill him, thus failing to comply with K-9’s orders.

Brian McKnight Jr. — “Better Off Alone”

Brian McKnight Jr.’s “Better Off Alone,” plays at the 42:35 mark when Terry’s plan to tamper with the competing car-ride service’s car is successful. The driver’s brakes fail and he nearly crashes into another vehicle before he’s successfully able to bring the car to a stop on the side of the road.

Native — “Bring It Back”

The final record in this episode plays as Meech and Terry beat up a driver from the competing car service for tampering with the Flenory’s vehicles. They beat him up and leave them bloody and hurt in the street.

New episodes of ‘BMF’ are available on the STARZ app on Fridays at 12:00 am EST and on the STARZ TV channel at 8:00 pm EST.

Written by: Dj 750

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