San Antonio Media Outlet Lies About Libertarian Calling for Violence to Stop the City From Taking a Texan’s Business

todayMarch 24, 2023 12

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The Current, a multimedia source of alternative news, events, and culture in San Antonio, recently published a story that insinuated a local Libertarian Party leader threatened violence over the city’s plan to use eminent domain to take a bar owned by Vince Cantu to do renovations to the Alamo. JR Haseloff, the head of Bexar County’s Libertarian Party, addressed the city council to argue against the city’s plan, and the article claimed that he “suggested that some property-rights advocates may resort to violence if San Antonio uses eminent domain to take over downtown bar Moses Rose’s Hideout.” However, the Libertarian Party of Bexar County refuted the content of the report and published Haseloff’s remarks in totality to fill in the parts The Current left out, which showed that the party’s core belief is non-aggression and that Haseloff’s remarks were taken out of context. The principle of non-aggression asserts that individuals have the right to pursue their interests without interference from others, as long as they do not initiate force or fraud against others.

Haseloff’s full remarks expressed his opposition to the city’s eminent domain vote that takes Moses Roses Hideout from Vince Cantu, which he called an absolute travesty. He accused the city of taking property that does not belong to them and giving it to someone else for their purposes/profit. He called on the City Council members to take immediate actions to engage with the Alamo Trust, develop new plans that don’t require the use of stolen property, and quit hiding behind the City Attorney’s instructions of “Just don’t publicly comment on it.”

Haseloff urged the people of San Antonio to join their fight and make their voices heard, replace the tyrants on City Council, and signal that the people will not stand for this injustice. He mentioned the COME AND TAKE IT eminent domain rally at Travis Park, which was marketed as a “peaceful protest,” and that grown men, individuals, and organizations alike are now signaling that they are prepared to sacrifice much more to prevent the theft of Moses Rose’s Hideout.

However, the article published by The Current suggested that Haseloff and others in San Antonio were willing to engage in terrorism to stop the city from stealing Cantu’s bar. This is a naked attempt to deceive people into believing a false narrative. In fact, the media’s role should be to hold those in power accountable, but instead, they often act as cheerleaders for the status quo.

Eminent domain is a legal term that allows the government to take private property for public use, such as for building schools, highways, and other infrastructure projects. However, many people believe that it is a violation of property rights and that it should only be used in exceptional circumstances.

The Alamo is a symbol of freedom and liberty, where grown men fought and died for the ideas of individualism and private property rights. Haseloff pointed out that the city’s use of eminent domain is an affront to the very principles of the Alamo and upon which this great nation was founded.

The Libertarian Party has always been an advocate for property rights and non-aggression, which means that they believe individuals have the right to pursue their own interests without interference from others, as long as they do not initiate force or fraud against others. The party’s platform calls for the repeal of eminent domain laws and other forms of property tax. They believe that property rights are human rights, and that eminent domain is a form of legalized theft.

In conclusion, the story published by The Current was an attempt to deceive people into believing that the Libertarian Party was advocating violence when, in fact, they were advocating for property rights and non-aggression. Eminent domain is a controversial issue, and it is important that the government uses it responsibly and with the utmost care to ensure that it does not violate individual property rights.

The media has a significant responsibility to report facts accurately and without bias. When they fail to do so, they undermine the public’s trust in their reporting and contribute to the growing problem of misinformation in society.

It is essential to evaluate news sources critically and fact-check information before accepting it as true. It is also important to consider multiple perspectives and sources to gain a well-rounded understanding of a situation.

While it is essential to hold the government accountable and challenge policies that infringe upon individual rights, it is equally important to do so through peaceful means. Advocating violence or aggression is never an acceptable solution and can only lead to further harm and division.

In summary, the story published by The Current misrepresented the Libertarian Party’s stance on eminent domain and falsely suggested that they were advocating violence. It is crucial to approach news sources critically and fact-check information before accepting it as true. The advocacy of property rights and non-aggression is essential, but it must be done through peaceful means to create a just and fair society for all.

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todayMarch 24, 2023 12

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