WOW! Brave Rancher and Single Mom Takes on Battery Plant With Ties to Communist China, Local MI Government and Intimidation By Crooked Democrat Mafia: “My neighbor had to call me on a burner phone” [VIDEO]

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In the picturesque small farming, hunting, and fishing community of Green Township, MI, Lori Brock, a brave single mom and realtor, stands as a beacon of resilience and determination. With a deep love for her animals and a firm commitment to preserving the health of her property and surrounding environment, Lori has taken up the fight against the construction of a Chinese battery factory that poses potential risks to the community. In her quest to safeguard her cherished ranch, Lori has faced numerous challenges and even endured government scrutiny. This article sheds light on Lori’s courageous battle and the concerns she shares with her fellow residents.

The Threat to the Environment and Community

Lori’s initial investigation into Gotion, the Chinese company planning to build the lithium battery plant, revealed alarming details. Situated on the third largest watershed in Michigan, the proposed battery plant poses potential risks to the local land and water resources. Strangely, leftist environmental groups, typically vocal about the dangers associated with toxic factories, have remained silent on the potential hazards faced by Michigan residents if the plant proceeds.


Green Township is home to the Muskegon River, a popular recreational spot for kayakers and tubers during the summer months. Concerns have been raised about the impact the battery plant might have on the water quality in the community. The projected water consumption of the battery plant surpasses that of the Ice Water bottling company located nearby. Residents worry about the potential effects on the ecosystem and the availability of clean water resources.

National Security Concerns

Apart from environmental risks, the presence of a foreign-owned company pledging allegiance to a communist country raises national security concerns. With the largest National Guard training facility in America located within a 100-mile radius, the proximity of the battery plant becomes a potential vulnerability. The involvement of Taiwanese troops in military exercises led by the Michigan National Guard has previously sparked tensions with China. Given this backdrop, the establishment of a Chinese-owned battery plant in the region raises legitimate concerns.

Lori’s Stand and Rally for Support

Lori Brock has emerged as a prominent figure leading the opposition to the battery plant. Her ranch served as a rallying point for over 1,000 individuals who traveled from various parts of Michigan, as well as neighboring states, to join her cause. Environmental experts and Ambassador Pete Hoekstra, former Chair of the US House Intelligence Committee, spoke at the rally, highlighting the dangers associated with the proposed battery plant. Lori’s dedication to protecting her community and the environment earned her a warning from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, a move she perceived as an attempt to intimidate her. However, the investigation into her farm revealed its immaculate condition, leading to the closure of the investigation.

Transparency and Local Government

Lori’s frustration extends to local government officials, including Green Township Supervisor Jim Chapman, whom she accuses of dishonesty and misrepresentation. Alleged falsehoods surrounding a survey claiming overwhelming support for the battery plant further eroded trust. In response, Green Township residents initiated a recall effort against the entire board, seeking representatives who genuinely reflect the will of the majority. Lori stands firm, refusing to be bullied or swayed by the local government or representatives from Gotion.

Muskegon River

Health and Environmental Concerns

During an interview, Lori called out Gotion’s North American Vice President, Chuck Thelan, for denying any ties between Gotion and Communist China. She discovered that Gotion’s company by-laws mandate adherence to the Constitution of the Communist Party of China. Furthermore, two owners of Gotion have affiliations with the Chinese government. These findings raise concerns about the extent of control and influence the Chinese Communist Party holds over the company.

Legislative Support and TaxpayerContribution

Despite the objections raised by the affected citizens, the Michigan Legislature has extended significant support to Gotion, providing the company with astonishing tax incentives and appropriations totaling a staggering $990 million. This financial backing has caused frustration among residents, who feel unheard and marginalized in the decision-making process. Their concerns about the rush to push the battery plant project without proper community input remain unaddressed.

Congressional Inquiry and Current Status

In response to the growing concerns surrounding large financial investments by Chinese companies and their subsidiaries in Michigan, Congressman John Molenar, Chair of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, requested an expeditious review by the Committee. The review, focused on Gotion’s investment in the state, has not yet been completed, leaving residents anxious about the potential consequences of the battery plant.

As of now, Gotion has announced a temporary delay in the rezoning application for agricultural-to-industrial use in Green Charter Township. The company claims the delay will provide an opportunity to address community questions and concerns. However, residents remain skeptical and are determined to have their voices heard.

Lori’s Remarkable Animals and Personal Motivation

During the visit to Lori’s ranch, her deep love and connection with her animals became apparent. The tire-chewing goat and the affectionate rescued donkey exemplify the joy and purpose these animals bring to Lori’s life. It is this love for her animals, along with her unwavering commitment to protect her property and the surrounding environment, that fuels Lori’s determination to stand up against the battery plant project.

Green Twp. Supervisor Jim Chapman

Conclusion: A Battle for Community and Environmental Integrity

Lori Brock, a brave single mom and realtor in Green Township, MI, has become the face of the fight against the Chinese battery plant. Her concerns about the potential environmental risks, national security implications, and ties between Gotion and the Communist Party of China have struck a chord with residents who share her worries. Despite facing challenges and government scrutiny, Lori remains resolute in her mission to protect her community, her animals, and the natural resources that define the charm of Green Township.

Gotion North American Vice President of Operations Chuck Thelan

As the battle for community and environmental integrity continues, it is essential for concerned citizens and elected officials to recognize the importance of open dialogue, transparency, and inclusive decision-making processes. Only by working together can we ensure the long-term well-being of our communities and preserve the natural beauty that surrounds us. Lori’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience and determination of individuals who are willing to stand up for what they believe in, even in the face of adversity.




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