After Safaree Samuels knew Erica Mena\’s past, she made her \”a single mother twice\”

todayNovember 30, 2022

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After Safaree Samuels knew Erica Mena\’s past, she made her \”a single mother twice\”


In the Atlanta reunion show, which aired on Monday, Eric Mena said she believes she and Safaree Samuels will never be in the same place. The Love & Hip Hop star also expressed how little he thought Safaree cared for her when she was pregnant. “I was in the hospital with this man’s son. That man didn’t care if I made it through that pregnancy, that man didn’t care if I made it through that labor,” Mena said.

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As Erica filed for divorce in May 2021, a judge approved the divorce in September. Safaree will pay $4,305 in child support, and they share custody of their daughter Safire and son Legend. Getting back to single status has been difficult for the ex-couple with online exchanges and accusations. In sharing her experiences, Erica seemed to be holding back tears as she explained being a mother for the second time. “I had to drag myself out of that dark place. “I sacrificed so much time away from my first son because I had to hustle so much that I am still trying to make up for it today,” Erica said. The stuff I\’ve confessed and been vulnerable with him about is the kind of stuff I\’ve confessed and been vulnerable to him about, so it\’s weird he knows what it\’s like to be a single mother once, and then turns around and makes me a single mother twice.”
\”You know, I always numb myself from everything so I don\’t feel pain,\” Erica said before the host asked Safaree if he was in any pain seeing the clips of their marriage dissolving and hearing Erica speak. You know, I tell myself I don\’t care, just so I can believe it, but there is pain,\” Safaree said. Erica Says Their Children Are Her Focus Now Mena says she does not expect Safaree to be accountable anymore. He doesn\’t owe her anything, but he owes their children, and she says that\’s all she cares about. Before multiple castmates intervened, Safaree was giving nothing. The reunion host and castmate Lil Scrappy encouraged him to \”come on,\” but Safaree seemed reluctant. The castmate Shekinah Anderson chimed in, telling Safaree to \”grow up,\” to which she replied, \”Shut up.\” Anderson shot back, \”you can cuss me out, I\’m cool with it.\”
Scrappy urged Safaree to share his experience because there is \”someone out there like you.\” Safaree replied, \”I don\’t even know where to start.\” Shekinah encouraged him again, and Kirk Frost also encouraged him to do so.

Safaree Apologies For Leaving After Their Son\’s Birth The father of two responded: “Who wants to get married, have kids, and then end up here?” It\’s hard to believe that two years later we would be where we are. We were at a place where we could hurt each other the most, and we stayed there for quite some time. “I\’m sorry I left a week after our son was born, but it\’s \”days,\” not weeks, after Legend\’s birth.” Erica interrupted, saying Safaree had left days after he was born. In response to Erica\’s interruptions, Safaree and his castmates, including Bambi, attempted to explain that he might not feel safe enough to speak. Safaree concluded that he hoped their relationship was able to improve.

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