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Entertainer Silver Artist Package



The most activated solution for promoting your music and reaching new audiences! This comprehensive package includes a variety of features to help you get your music heard by thousands of people.

With the Entertainer Silver Artist Package, your music will be featured on MusixFlix.online, the premier online destination for music discovery. Your music will also be added to the Exclusive MP3 X-Pool, where it will be serviced to 3000 DJs. One of your tracks will be placed in rotation for 45 days, giving it maximum exposure.

In addition to these features, the Entertainer Silver Artist Package also includes a four-week social media campaign on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, where your music will be posted with a download link. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in a conference call with DJs, and your music will be included in an eblast to 12k people.

Your music will also be added to 5 popular playlists, and you’ll receive an ad campaign with ADAS worth $800.00  to push your music even further. Your music will also be included in MusixFlix Live TV rotation for 45 days, and you’ll receive 2 social posts on MusixFlix platforms weekly.

For additional promotion, your music will be distributed to music blogs and included in MusixFlix Song Placement. You’ll also receive 2 press releases and a video of your music will be programmed into MusixFlix TV & Radio channels. Lastly, a promotion banner will be placed on the Radio Network Site.

With all these features, the Entertainer Silver Artist Package is the perfect way to get your music heard by thousands of people and take your career to the next level.


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